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Girls Summer Camp New York


When you have a girl between the ages of 9 and 17, you may be searching for a girl's Christian camp near me. At Tapawingo, we aim to be the exciting camp that they get excited to go to year after year.

We know that you have all sorts of possibilities when it comes to camp. With our girl's summer camp in New York, we offer a sleep-away experience. This allows the girls to sleep in cabins, make friends, and go on countless adventures.

Each and every day of the week, the girls will spend their time camping, hiking, fishing, doing arts and crafts, participating in drama, and even canoeing. Additionally, we’ll help them develop their love of God and their education of the bible.

God is at the center of all that we do. We encourage all of the girls to pack a bible and a notebook so that they can take notes. We ensure that we’re nourishing their soul and helping them to learn more about their faith.

We make sure that our girl's Christian camp near me in New York is the exciting camp that you have been searching for that takes God into consideration. Girls will come for a minimum of one week and stay for a maximum of two weeks over the summer. We’re open for eight weeks from June through August.

Our camp is so popular that people fly in from all over the country. This means that your camper may meet all sorts of exciting girls, though we all have something in common already – we’re Christians who love God and all that he does.

We arrange the girls by age to give them the best chance of making friends. We want to develop boundaries while also ensuring that healthy, God-honoring relationships are formed.

Find out more about our camp today!

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