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Balloon Bowls and Doughboys

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

This week we will be making our own bowls - using a balloon! And making the deliciously simple dough boy.

Balloon Bowls

What You Need

  • Balloons

  • Confetti or sheets of recycled paper

  • Safety scissors

  • Glue

  • Paintbrush

  • Pie pan or similar container

  • Pin

Balloon Bowl Instructions

Step 1. Prep the Confetti. All you need to do is to cut little strips of paper with your kids. Cut as much as you can! They don’t have to be a uniform size.

Step 2. Make the First Layer. Blow up a balloon to about a regular size, and not so stretched out that it easily pops. Next, set it up in a pie pan to keep it from wobbling all over the place.

Keep the round part without the knot facing your direction, then spread glue on the top half of the balloon using a paintbrush. Pour glue into a bowl or plate, then dip the balloon, tilting it from side to side for even coverage. Sprinkle confetti on top of the glued area, or you may also want to try dipping the balloon into the container of confetti. Let it all dry.

Step 3. Add More Layers. Once the first layer has dried, add more layers of glue and confetti. Doing so will create a sturdier bowl. Here’s a tip: If you want the bowl to have a flat bottom, press it down a flat surface lightly.

Step 4. Pop the Balloon. Here comes the fun finale! You are going to pop the balloon, and this is what the pin is for.

Step 5. Trim the Edges. It’s up to you to trim the edges around the bowl if you want a clean finish.

You can also make more so you can get artistic with it. In fact, you can do a glitter balloon bowl or a button balloon bowl, and even edible chocolate bowls. Read here for full article and a video.


Things you will need:

- biscuit dough mix - milk - 4' x 1" dowels with one end rounded - or sticks - large mixing bowl - mixing spoon - measuring cup (or any old cup will do)

- things to fill your doughboy with

- And of course a campfire!


1. Mix biscuit batter according to the instructions on the box for biscuits.

2. Prepare your stick for cooking the Dough Boy over the fire. Make sure that your stick is smooth. (With supervision) Use a pocket knife to smooth out the knots/bark on your stick.

3. Wrap your dough around the stick as if you were swirling it. You don’t want your dough to be too clumpy on the stick, that will cause the outside of your bread to cook while the inside doesn’t fully cook.

4. Cook over the fire until golden brown.

5. Top your Dough Boy with a little butter or honey and enjoy!

Full recipe here!

Enjoy! Tell us what your favorite things to fill your doughboy with is!

Miss Claire

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