Beautiful Bracelets and Breakfast Burritos!

Hi everyone! Join us this week in making bracelets and breakfast burritos!

Making a Hemp Bracelet

Equipment: 1 safety pin or tape 1 pair of scissors Hemp or thread

Step 1: Measure and cut two strands of hemp string. Take an end of string in your hand, wrap the string around the length of your forearm 3 ½ times. (approx. 7 feet of string). Cut the string at your elbow. Repeat for a second strand.

Step 2: Make a loop by folding the two strings in half together.

Step 3: Tie a knot in the looped end. Make the loop approximately the size of your pinky tip.

Step 4: Pin the loop to your jeans with a safety pin. (Or use tape to hold in place on your table, etc)

Step 5: Separate two strands of hemp:

1.Take one strand of hemp in your left hand. (Strand one.) 2.Take another strand of hemp in your right hand. (Strand two.) 3.Leave two strands in the middle. Ignore them until step fourteen.

Step 6: Make a half-circle on the left side of the middle strands.

1. Move strand one across the middle strands, like a smiley-face.

2. Place strand two over strand one.