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Cabin Devotion with Miss Evelyn

An Ever-Present God

Scripture: Psalm 46

Take a few minutes to read through this passage for yourself.


Hey girls! I am so happy that I get to be able to connect with you in this way, even with camp being closed this summer.

If I were to ask you to complete the statement “God is…” what adjective would you choose? I’m sure there are millions of adjectives you could choose to describe God and who He is to you, and one that has been particularly meaningful to me is that God is present. When I was a camper at Tapawingo, the thing I loved most about being on the island was how present God felt, but when I went back home and back to school I struggled to feel that same presence. Last summer, one of my fellow staff members told our campers “The same God that is on this island is with you at home,” a message that is found in the verses of Psalm 46.

Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

A common belief about God held by believers and non-believers is that God simply created the world and now sits on a distant throne in Heaven, watching the world from far away. This opening verse in Psalm 46 reminds us that God is present, even in the tough times of our daily lives.

The Psalmist goes on to describe a chaotic world, something that might not be that hard to imagine in a Global Pandemic, and that even in the midst of war and chaos, God is still present in the world. You might be thinking now, “Okay, that’s great but what do I do when it doesn’t feel that way?” Well fortunately for us, God understands our humanity and provides us even further comfort.

Psalm 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the Earth!

When it feels like God isn’t present in our world, He calls us to be still and to remember that no mater the situation, He is still God and He is still in control. In His great mercy, God has provided us with the Bible, His Word, which provides us with countless examples of God’s power and love for us. He also has given us the gift of prayer that allows us to tell God exactly how we are feeling at any time of day. (Psalm 34:17-18)

So how can I live in the knowledge of who God is?

-Take some time and be honest with God in your prayers. If you’re angry, or confused, or scared, (or joyful or thankful) tell him that. God wants to hear our honest prayers!

-When you’re reading a passage of Scripture, take some time to think about what it says about Who God is, not just what He does.

-If journaling is a way that helps you to process (or even if it’s not), try and write out all the ways you would complete the phrase “God is…” I challenge you to look in the Bible to find Scripture that supports the adjectives you choose.

-If you’re like me and you love listening to music, check out the song “Rest in You” by All Sons & Daughters and listen to what it says about who God is.

Much Love,

Miss Evelyn

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