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Camp is Cancelled - Now What?

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

It's been just over a week since we announced the decision to suspend Weeks 1-8 of Tapawingo this summer. We are still processing and grieving this loss, and we bet you are too. What about those badges you were going to work towards? How are you going to keep in touch with your camp friends? Can you even wear Chacos in the real world? (We say you can!)

One thing we know, is that Jesus is in control of this whole situation and we can look to Him. Something else we can be sure of is that though camp has been cancelled, our community has not been. There are many ways to stay in touch and bring a little bit of Tapawingo home with you. Tap girls are resilient and creative, and we can't wait to see how you use this time to stay connected - to Christ and to each other.

Here are a few ways to stay in touch this summer and bring Tapawingo home. Be sure to fill out a survey to tell us ways we can connect with you best this summer! (More survey info at bottom)

Here are some of our ideas for you:

  • Join our summer Pen Pal program! While you're at Camp, we know mail is meaningful. (Do you hear the "Mail-time" song?) This is a great time to encourage others from a distance and write letters to each other.

  • Set goals for your summer and challenge yourself. Think about goals that will challenge you spiritually, socially, mentally, and physically. What if we looked at this time as an opportunity to focus on what really matters? How do you want to be different and more like Jesus when we meet again? You can challenge yourself to read Scripture every day, to get outside, to read before going to bed instead of looking at your phone, or to call a grandparent weekly. Need some inspiration? Check out our post on J.O.Y. Challenge.

  • Make yourself a camp memory kit. What will encourage you when you’re missing Tap? This can look however you want it to! You can: - Make a playlist of worship songs that remind you of camp - Keep a running list of the activities you want to take. - Print out your favorite camp pictures to look through - Have a Tapawingo playlist ready to go for a dance party, or - Wear your favorite camp shirt all day. - Make a pact with your camp friends to text each other when you’re sad or - Have that letter already stamped to go to your counselor. - Join us in the challenges we've been posting to Instagram and check out the full list of challenges and choose as many as you can to do at home!

  • Make sure you’re following us on social media to see all the latest from camp. Click here for our Instagram and Facebook pages.

  • Start some camp routines with your family. - Start off a week with an, "I Decide Circle," asking your family to repeat after you.

  • "I Decide. I Decide. To love you. To love you. As Jesus. As Jesus. Wants me to. Wants me to." - Create a family table cheer. - Run around the house if you put your elbows on the table at mealtimes and teach your parents the song. - Sing a Tap song (check out our songbook at our on-line Tap store). Amazing Grace Tap style anyone? - Does your brother know a cool skill? Have him “teach a class” to the rest of you and spread the knowledge. - Try a camp recipe together (Apples, Bacon and Crumbcake, anyone?). - Play worship music as you’re cleaning up. Do a "cabin devo" together at night. - Have a bonfire and sing, "Campfire will burn tonight." - And don’t even get us started on a daily Rest Hour - we cannot recommend that one highly enough!

  • It’s never too early to start dreaming about next summer! It feels far away right now, but time is going to fly. Use this time to think about what badges you'll want to work on. Resolve to come back to Camp next summer having grown in reading God's Word, in prayer, and in serving and loving others as Jesus has loved you.

Now we want to hear from you!

We want to connect with you this summer, so tell us what you think that could look like. What content would you like to see from us? Fill out our survey to let us know!

We love you all!

In Christ,

Miss Joy and Miss Claire

Ideas adapted from our friends at Camp Greystone.

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