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The CITs spent the week in the peaks! We arrived at the Dix Range on Tuesday and went to sleep early in order to sunrise our first peak, Macomb. The girls loved climbing up the rock scramble with only their headlamps to lead their way as the sun rose and lit up the mountain views behind us. We hiked two more peaks, and by the time we finished it was only 9:30am. The girls convinced us to see if we could hike more than planned, and we decided to go ahead and finish the rest of the Dix Range! We hiked 5 peaks that day! We slept well that evening after eating some yummy burritos and apple crisp :) We woke up the next morning, hiked out, and drove to Algonquin to squeeze in another peak before the week finished. The rain hit us as we hiked down but not before we enjoyed a beautiful view on top. We curled up in the van after putting on dry clothes and drove back to camp, stopping at a lookout along the way to make some dinner. We spent the night at Camp of the Woods, and Friday morning had a family breakfast meal of chocolate chip pancakes and hot chocolate before returning to the island. Three of our CITs acted as "counselor of the day" for the days we hiked, and we loved watching them choose a spiritual emphasis for the day, pray over the group, delegate cooking duties, and lead a devo from Ecclesiastes. They all asked questions that led to deep and beautiful conversation about ways the Lord has worked in all of our lives and how we can learn to prioritize Him more on the daily. The girls are so excited to finish out the program shadowing counselors and activity areas this last week!

-Miss Maggie & Miss Caitlin


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