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an update from the island | session 6

Howdy y’all and welcome to a quick peek into the farm! This week has been flying faster than a farmer on harvest day. We started off our events this week with ‘Capture the Cow’ where the blue team and red team raced to be the first to bring their cattle back to their fields. Rounding up them cows was harder than expected since they moved as slow as molasses, but the red team was victorious by bringing some corn and grass to their side. This event was competitive but entertaining as Miss Caroline and Miss Franki were able to live out their dreams of being cattle and the campers got to be ranch hands.

The sun is finally shining on Tapawingo. As the island continues to dry, our campers have been able to participate in activities such as waterskiing, climbing, drama, archery, and so much more. The High Peaks trip also left this morning with six girls who are going to hike Cascade and Porter Mountain. We are so excited to welcome these girls back this afternoon with a smile and then give them a quick dip in the lake!

When the rooster crows tomorrow our campers will get the chance to run 10 miles, swim around the island, or make arts and crafts! Then in the afternoon we will begin to get ready for banquet, an evening of dressing in our Sunday best and giving out Camper Awards. We are so excited for the rest of Session 6 and we cannot wait to surprise these girls with more farm fun!

See y’all later!

Miss Alex


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