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session eight recap

On the first evening of session eight, we were gifted with the opportunity to hear the Gospel be shared by Miss Joy on the Gospel Rocks. The ladies gathered on the rocks overlooking the glassy lake as the sun finished setting and marveled at the beauty of God’s creation. On night two, we heard from Miss Jane who with enthusiasm assisted in spreading “doxolitis”, defined as “an overwhelming joy and loved for Jesus that cannot be contained and must come out (often in song and dance)”. She referenced Paul and Mary (1 Luke, 1-2 Timothy) as perfect examples of this joy. On Tuesday night, we heard from Miss Katie who spoke on the unrelenting love of God for us. We learned how God will ALWAYS love his children despite our innate sinful nature and numerous mistakes (some more laughable than others).

It has not been unusual to see campers bounding around the island this week in blue overalls, bandanas, or straw hats because the theme for week eight is Farm Week. Tuesday night’s event hour held an exciting challenge to “Capture the Cow.” The island was briefly split in two as the blue team raced against the green team to locate their beloved cows and bring them back home to the farm.

We have been blessed with beautiful weather so far with only one evening of rain showers. The campers continue to sign up for numerous daily activities to have fun, get to know other campers, learn new skills, challenge themselves, and pursue excellence in the earning of badges.

As we approach the end of this summer season at Tapawingo, we are so thankful for your prayers as well as the opportunity to love others and serve in such a unique and special environment.

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