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session four program highlights

The sun shown through the trees onto our little island this week. It was refreshing to have some beautiful, sunny, weather after some very rainy past couple of weeks.

Some spies (us Admin team) hid throughout the island to hype up the theme of Mission Impossible Thursday evening. Campers eagerly dressed themselves in their slick black tees, adorned with face paint under their eyes, and stylish sunglasses. Event hour activities were thrilling and full of excitement and mystery.

The High Peaks trip was held on Thursday and was led by Miss Catherine Reckard & Miss Olivia White, accompanied by several campers. The ladies conquered and summited Cascade & Porter. (Two more peaks to check off your 46!)

On Friday, we hit the largest amount of badges earned by campers this summer. The total being 48. Many Basic badges were given, as well as a few Advanced, and one Master. (Congrats to Miss Maggie Quick for earning her tennis Master badge!)

The CITs finished their four weeks today. We are proud of all 17 of them. It’s a beautiful thing to watched young women eagerly run after the Lord. We are sad to see them go, but excited for how they advance the Kingdom of God as they disperse.

Tomorrow’s starts Session 5!! Be in prayer for our counselors and campers as they experience another week on the island of joy!

With Love,

Miss Ashley Kate


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