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Session four recap

The spies invaded the island this week! Throughout this eventful week, many black fits and stylish sunglasses have been seen on campers and staff alike. The admin disappeared one evening but have no fear; they were found... just a little dirty from hiding under buildings and in trees for our annual ADMIN HUNT!

The weather turned out to be beautiful Sunday evening, allowing for us to all have Gospel on The Rocks, our second on the rocks of the summer, with Miss Natalie as our speaker. We also heard from Miss Rachel on Monday, Miss Karis on Tuesday, and Mickey Weston on Thursday at Vespers.

Banana boating has been a big hit, and the girls love this warm weather as they swim, ski, and sail. There have been around 60 badges earned this week, which is our summer record! The Equestrian Badge, which made a reappearance last week, is being earned left and right by campers.

Tomorrow ends the session and shortly, we will be welcoming in... SESSION FIVE: Christmas in July! Time to pull out your red & green!


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