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session six check-in

Stepping onto the island, it is clear that the “official” Tapawingo uniform for session six has come to include overalls, cowboy boots, and straw hats galore! It’s Farm Week this session and we couldn’t be more excited.

Yesterday was full of blue skies and green grass as campers tried out activities like archery, sailing, rock climbing, and more! We are looking forward to more sunshine this week as we hike, sleepout, and eat outside. This summer we are seeing so many new faces on the island which is a reminder of how special it is for these campers to find a place where they can meet new people, try new things, and encounter the Lord in new ways.

Last night in vespers our very own Miss Maggie spoke about the Abrahamic covenant and the new covenant- allowing us to take a look at God’s promises in both the Old and New Testament. Tonight, we look forward to hearing from Miss Karyn about storing our treasures in Heaven, as explained in Matthew 19. What a gift it is to see these women share about what the Lord has been revealing to them through His Word.

On a sillier note, we will also be playing a game of “Capture the Cow” tonight- our farm week version of Capture the Flag. Who will win, the red or the blue team? Tonight we shall find out as our two staff members in cow costumes evade capture!

We are thrilled to have fun with our campers this week, but more importantly we are trusting that the Lord will do good work in the hearts of everyone on the island. Hoorah! We can’t wait to learn, grow, and dive deeper into our faiths together!


Miss Chase


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