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Summer Pen Pals!

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Join our summer pen pal program! We know that we will all be busting at the seams to be together next summer, but this is a great way to build community THIS summer. Plus, we all know that everyone loves getting mail! Campers, staff, and alumni are all included in this.

Get to know a fellow Tap girl better this summer, encourage each other, and help hold each other accountable. Come up with fun and creative ways to connect with each other this summer!

Click here to fill out our Pen Pal Form, please fill out by June 15th. We will pair registered campers with other campers similar in age, staff with staff, alumni with alumni etc. We will send each Pen Pal their corresponding Pen Pal's information and address a week later.

Tips on connecting with your Pen Pal:

· Make sure that what you're writing about is honoring to God. A good tip is to make sure you would be okay with either of your parents reading what you're writing (It's even a good idea to have them look your letter over before sending it).

· Write ASAP! Don’t delay - your pen-pal wants to hear from you.

· Tell her about yourself. What’s your favorite food or color or Bible verse? If you had an hour of free time, what do you do with it? Tell her a funny story about your family, a joke you heard lately, or your favorite camp memory.

· Ask her questions! What do you want to know about her? Start a conversation!

· Include some pictures! Show her your family, your dog, or your soccer team.

· Get creative. Draw her a map of your hometown, make up your own crossword puzzle, or play Mad-Libs back and forth in your letters.

· Write again… and again! Write each other until the end of summer (and even after!).

· Want to go above and beyond? You can a small care-package! A special treat from your hometown, your favorite kind of bubblegum, or a pressed flower from your garden. Paint lettering of your favorite verse. Make your letters uniquely YOU and you can’t go wrong!

We are looking forward to how the Lord is going to work this summer and how He is going to continue to grow our community!

In Christ,

Miss Joy and Miss Claire

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