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Update from the CITs

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

We have just completed Week 3!

This week, the girls were able to shadow a specific cabin, observe counselors, getting a taste of counselor life first-hand, and spend time getting to know 8 specific campers through the Tapawingo daily schedule. This included participating in cabin-cleanup, mealtimes with their girls, cabin hikes, sleepouts etc. They were also able to observe activities and assist in teaching them by the end of the week. Miss Joy spent time teaching the girls how to prepare a cabin devo based on a Bible passage and after that each CIT had the opportunity to prepare and lead a cabin devotion. The CIT group also had the opportunity to share their testimonies at the all-camp Wednesday night bonfire.

The girls also had a Bible study together this week focused on Hebrews 10 and the veil being torn in two. It was pretty powerful.

This morning the girls had the opportunity to discuss theological questions with Tyler Nelson, the CAMP-of-the-WOODS pastor who has studied theology at Dallas Theological Seminary. They then debriefed this past week with their counselors and look forward to hiking in the High Peaks this coming week. Each CIT will be leading a certain portion of that trip. Please keep them and their leaders in prayer as we head into the final week!

In Christ,

Miss Katie and Miss Rosie


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