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an update on tapawingo programs

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Tapawingo offers two special programs throughout the summer. One is our Counselor in Training program often referred to as CIT. The second is our TAP Adventure Program. Teenage girls who participate in these programs have a unique opportunity to grow and experience opportunities unavailable to the normal Tapawingo camper schedule. I would love to share some of the CIT and TAP Adventure leader’s thoughts as they wrapped up this fun-filled week!

The first week of CIT Session 2 could not have been better! After arriving this past Sunday and helping other campers through registration, the CITs jumped right into the fun, intensity and growth that characterizes the CIT program.

On Monday, the girls spent the day on the island of Tapawingo, bonding as a group and learning new ways to study the Bible. Early Tuesday morning, the group of seven girls and their leaders headed out on their first High Peaks trip. They challenged themselves physically and emotionally by hiking over 16 miles in the Dix Range, totaling five High Peaks (including one sunrise hike!). During the trip, the girls studied and memorized a portion of Isaiah 55, which is their theme passage for these four weeks. After four days and three nights in the wilderness, the CITs are back on the island for Friday night banquet and other festivities.

With week one ending, the girls unified and expectant. They are looking forward to spending more time on the island next week, growing more in spiritual disciplines and leadership through lessons and activities. Keep these girls in your prayers as they pursue the Lord in this unique community!

Another memorable week of TAP Adventure is in the books! This group of five girls and their leaders enjoyed mostly sunny skies and warm weather for their exciting outdoor adventures.

Monday started with breakfast over the fire outside the girls’ cabin at CAMP-of-the-Woods. From there, TAP Adventure left for a day of climbing. They learned how to set up climbs with ropes and how to belay each other. This was a good exercise in trust for them as they relied on the ropes to hold them and on their peers to belay them. After experiencing the exposure and heights of rock climbing, the girls enjoyed spelunking on Tuesday. Going underground into the dark, cool and muddy spaces of the cave was a new experience for most of the girls. Wednesday’s and Thursday’s adventures included canoeing, enjoying meals over a fire, and learning to use a compass and map while hiking.

TAP Adventure’s spiritual emphasis for the week was God’s love. The girls discussed how experiencing His love enables us to live in love and humility toward others, and what it means to love our enemies. To tie it all together, the girls spent time studying and memorizing Romans 12:14-16. Because of God’s love, we can bless those who accuse us, sympathize with others, and live with impartiality toward others.

Praise God for another week of adventure, community, and spiritual growth!

In Christ, Miss Shelby


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