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Week three at tapawingo

It is Week 3 at Tapawingo! We might have started the week with some rain, but the spirit is high with excitement for Pirate week! The girls this week have already enjoyed many various activities such as cabin bonding, rock climbing, hiking, and banana boating (of course!). Girls are excited to earn badges in their activities and learn more about other new activities that they are not as familiar with.

This week we got to enjoy some farewell skits (“A day in the life of a CIT”, “A day in the high peaks”, and “Jonah”) from the CITS before they adventured on their second high peaks trip. Their skits were hilarious! Though the island may be a bit muddy this week from the rain, the joy and laughter of the girls is heard every second of the day. This week the counselors of Cherokee have set a goal to jump in the lake every day. Monday night during dinner time, other cabins have been making sure Cherokee counselors stick to their goal! They even reminded them of their goal through singing at dinner – which resulted in the Cherokee counselors jumping in the lake right then and there!

In vespers this week Mr. Jon spoke about what it means to draw closer to God, and how reading through the “Songs of Ascent” in Psalms can help us to do that. Starting in Psalm 120, he showed us how it talks about the pilgrimage of the heart. Mr. Jon reminded us that God is a relational God and encouraged them to live a life free of lying lips and deceitful tongues. We cannot wait to see what other encouraging messages Mr. Jon shares the rest of the week.

We are excited to see the amazing things God has in store for everyone this week! We ask for prayers for a safe and sunny rest of the week.

In Christ,

Miss JJ


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