Our desire is for moms to experience Tapawingo with their daughters and to create an environment for building relationships. Our main goal is to help us all refocus on Christ and have a weekend away from work, school, and distraction as the summer winds down.

This is a great weekend to come experience camp with your daughter. See what makes her love camp so much and come to love those things yourself. See how hearts are changed at camp and experience the change yourself.

This is also a great weekend to test the waters of overnight camping! Help your daughter become familiar with the island and the traditions of camp so that she can be confident and excited on her first day of summer camp!


 Mother/Daughter Weekend 

example Schedule


2:30 - 4:00pm Registration at the CAMP– of—the WOODS Pavilion

5:30 - 6:15pm Dinner

6:30 - 6:50pm Announcements and Orientation

6:50 - 7:50pm Gospel on the Rocks!

8:00 - 9:15pm Flex Time


ACTIVITIES: Hiking, crafts, archery, swimming, banana boating and more! Your experience will be similar to a girl's typical day at camp (with a little bit more flex and relax time). 

COST: $215 per person + $6 Membership fee (girls ages 7-17 are eligible to apply for a scholarship)


DATES: August 27 -30, 2021

AGES: Open to all girls ages 7 and up!

Mother/Daughter Packing List

(Registration opening soon!)

We really wanted to see what camp was like so that my daughter would be comfortable coming next year!

Mom of Potential Camper

I loved the setting and the opportunity to get away and have some honest conversations with my daughters. I so appreciated the love and support I received as a mom. The speaker's messages helped me to realize that God was actually speaking to ME and drawing ME closer to Him.

Mother, 2019

One of the best weekends on the island was spent with my mom at the retreat in 2017... 10 out of 10 recommend.

Caroline Smith, Tapawingo Staff Member and Former Camper