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In conjunction with Tapawingo’s mission statement, the Counselor in Training program exists to equip young women ages 16 and 17 with Biblical knowledge, foundational Christian principles, leadership, and wilderness skills. This takes place in an environment of intensive study, experiential education, and group living. The CIT Program desires to raise up godly women, future leaders, and future Tapawingo counselors.


program set-up

The CIT program is 4 weeks in length and can have a total of 18 girls per session. Each CIT participant spends ten days on wilderness excursions in the High Peaks of the Adirondacks. The rest of their time is spent on the island receiving further leadership training through Bible studies, group discussions/initiative activities, and hands-on opportunities to lead and share their spiritual gifts. They are also given opportunities to lead all-camp activities and increase in their program area knowledge.

This program is offered so CIT’s may learn more about Christ and how to serve by watching other leaders.  The CIT’s will be encouraged to learn from the example of the staff. Each CIT will have many opportunities to interact with the campers, staff, and program activities.


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 C.I.T. Program 


The CIT program aims to see the following in each participant:

  • Growth in comfort/confidence in leadership

  • Confidence and comfort in sharing about the Lord’s work in her life

  • Ability to share the gospel

  • Growth in Biblical knowledge

  • Further equipped to answer/address common Biblical          questions/issues

  • To learn a variety of tasks, being stretched, and experiencing growth in tangible ways

  • To become or grow as a woman of integrity, honesty, and humility

  • To learn the spiritual disciplines and begin to put them into  practice while at camp, with the encouragement to carry them on throughout life.

  • To determine whether or not a CIT would be fit for staff in following years.

CIT's learn more about what it means to be a counselor, spend time hiking in the High Peaks, study the spiritual disciplines, and serve behind the scenes. Servant leadership responsibility, the opportunity to teach activities, and receive feedback via evaluation forms are all part of the experience as we seek to build and encourage godly women and future staff for Tapawingo. 


The Counselor-in-Training program is one of the main sources for Tapawingo's staff. CIT candidates must be 16 to 18 years of age by the first day of the session they are applying for. Candidates complete an application, two references, and an interview. Selections are based upon leadership readiness, spiritual maturity, willingness to serve, and teachability.



This four-week program costs $1,960 + a $15 membership fee.



CIT Session 1: June 25 - July 22, 2023

CIT Session 2: July 23 - August 19, 2023



Please complete the application and have your references complete the appropriate forms.

CIT Pastor Reference Form

CIT Teacher/Employer Reference Form



CIT Packing List

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to do CIT this summer. Through the program I learned so much. I learned more about seeking God before anything else and trusting that He is the good Shepherd. I learned new ways to dig into God’s Word and ways to apply it to each season of life. I learned that even when a passage may seem difficult to understand, that I should continue to pray because God may be trying to reveal something to me even through the more difficult passages in Scripture. I really appreciated the ways that our counselors poured into us and helped us all grow through our walk with Christ over the last month. They are all so wise, encouraging, and each have amazing attributes of God that were so noticeable to us. Overall, CIT helped me grow even more in my walk with God and my confidence in who I am in Him. It also taught me that we truly CAN do ANYTHING through Christ who gives us strength. Now that I am home, I am looking forward to using the skills that God has equipped me with throughout the program in order to share the gospel and glorify Him. I am so grateful for this opportunity and hope to one day be on staff and be able to pour into younger girls eager to learn about God, just as my counselors have done for me.

Morgan Koellmer, CIT 2019

Dear Tapawingo Counselors,

We are back safe in Virginia. Thank you for literally years of faithful support. On the ride home, I felt like I was listening to a theology scholar. Kayleigh can't say enough about Miss Kristi, her High Peaks experiences, and her group of girls. What I saw was a healthy, whole Kayleigh; a physical, emotional and spiritual tune up, full of sunshine, mountains, lake water, sunshine, and stories; a young adult Christian woman, not a child. One “big deal time” was when she mentioned how, for the first time, she felt the power of prayer regarding the elimination of pain she has had in the past. We look forward to the photos and stories. Thank you for loving my girl, we appreciate Jesus' love for us.

Karen Smith, CIT Parent |  2021

"Thank you for changing the trajectory of her life." 

CIT Parent 

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