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Counselor in training program

The Counselor in Training program exists to equip young women ages 16 and 17 with Biblical knowledge, foundational Christian principles, leadership, and wilderness skills. This takes place in an environment of intensive study, experiential education, and group living. The CIT Program desires to raise up godly women, future leaders, and future Tapawingo counselors.

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program set-up

The CIT program is four weeks long and can have a total of 12 girls per session with six CITs per cabin. As a CIT, you will spend two four-day trips on wilderness excursions in the High Peaks of the Adirondacks. You will spend the rest of your time on the Island receiving further leadership training through Bible studies, group discussions, and hands-on opportunities to lead and share your spiritual gifts (i.e. leading camp activities).

Week 1: Cabin Bonding and Adventure in the Peaks

Week 2: Spiritual Disciplines and Life on the Island

Week 3: Practicing Leadership Skills in the Wilderness

Week 4: Shadowing Cabins and Leadership at Tapawingo

The purpose of this program is for CITs to learn more about Christ and how to serve. By watching others lead, CITs will be encouraged in their own leadership development through interacting with the campers, staff, and program activities.


Following this program, we encourage CITs to apply to Tapawingo staff positions in order to keep growing into who they are in Christ. 


as a cit you will

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hiking in the Adirondack high peaks.jpg

expand your confidence as a Christian servant leader, learn more about being a Tap counselor, and make Christ-centered friendships

grow in biblical knowledge, share the gospel, and practice spiritual disciplines to carry with you through life

develop your character as you learn wilderness skills and take on the challenges that arise while backpacking in the high peaks


This four-week program costs $1,980 + a $15 membership fee.



CIT Session 1: June 23 - July 20, 2024

 1 SPOT OPEN! Apply today!

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ready to grow in christ?

1. Submit an application 

2. Submit two references

3. We will contact you for an interview!

  • Selections are based on leadership readiness, spiritual maturity, willingness to serve, and teachability.

Morgan Koellmer, CIT

"CIT helped me grow in my walk with God and my confidence in who I am in Him.  I am looking forward to using the skills that God has equipped me with throughout the program in order to share the gospel and glorify Him."

CIT PArent

"My daughter can't say enough about Miss Kristi, her High Peaks experiences, and her group of girls. What I saw was a healthy, whole Kayleigh; a physical, emotional and spiritual tune up, full of sunshine, mountains, lake water, sunshine, and stories; a young adult Christian woman, not a child."
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