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     Tapawingo is open during June - August to girls between the ages of nine and seventeen, regardless of her race, creed, or nationality.  A well-rounded camping program is offered for eight weeks with a maximum stay of two weeks. Tapawingo has 10 cabins housing eight campers and two staff. Our staff to camper ratio is 1:8, and many activities have a ratio of 1:4.

     Our campers come from a wide range of economic, spiritual, social, family, and ethnic backgrounds.  Some are very exposed to the obscenity of the world; others are much more sheltered.  Some attend public schools, some private resident or non-resident schools, and some are home-schooled.  We do our best to be sensitive to the multicultural backgrounds of campers at Tapawingo and to hire staff from a variety of backgrounds to provide a versatile ministry team.


 CAMPER Information 


Each week at Tapawingo, the goals for our campers include:

  1. To learn more about Who God is, on His terms.

  2. To mature in all areas of Christian womanhood (femininity, courage, versatility, male/female relationships, evangelism, social skills, etc.)

  3. To learn (from God’s Word and by example) how to be a woman of God and determine her position before Him.

  4. To take part in a variety of activities and learn new skills.

  5. To make new friends and learn how to be a true friend.

  6. To learn the joy of good discipline and hard work.

  7. To discover God’s best for her life and set a course to follow that path.

  8. To learn to enjoy and care for the outdoors.


While we are distinctly Christian in our worldview, we do not seek to "coerce" campers to accept any aspect of our foundational beliefs. We do, however, expect all of our campers to agree with and adhere to our Biblical principles and guidelines that form the backbone of our camp community. Here are some of our camp guidelines:

  • Gossip is not allowed.

  • Speech must be edifying.

  • Immoral behavior is confronted and corrected.

  • No electronics, cell phones, and/or smart watches.

  • Discernment must be used with music.

  • We encourage early rising.

  • Cabins are kept neat. Campers help clean.

  • Swim levels are assigned based on ability.



     Session 1: June 26 - July 2

     Session 2: July 3 - July 9

     Session 3: July 10 - July 16

     Session 4: July 17 - July 23

     Session 5: July 24 - July 30

     Session 6: July 31 - August 6

     Session 7: August 7 - August 13

     Session 8: August 14 - August 20



     - Parent/Camper Handbook

     - New York State Health Requirements

     - Tapawingo Meningitis Letter

     - Tapawingo Brochure

     - Tapawingo Health Form (completed by a physician) due May

     - TAP Adventure/CIT Health Form (completed by a physician) 




Contact tapawingo@cotw.org for a Tapawingo Scholarship Application. Application due by February 1, 2022.

Scholarship Policy



The week did not disappoint. My daughter came back glowing - it was an amazing first experience at a sleepaway camp! Our hope was that it would ground her in faith in Christ, and that she would have fellowship with other girls her age. It was all that and so much more! She goes to public school, and she said for the first time she felt like, "This is the way God meant it to be with other girls my age." (without peer pressure, political correctness, meanness, etc.). I believe that this is the beginning of long-lasting new friendships, as well as developing a strong foundation in her faith that will sustain her when she goes out into the world someday. She has been reminiscing since she has been home, and will definitely want to come for two weeks next summer! 

Camper Mom

Hi Tapawingo!

The name “Tapawingo” could not have a better meaning than “place of joy”!  It is truly a place that is “filled” with joy and, a place that “brings” joy to one’s spirit.  The moment I picked up Sienna from the dock, she was raving about her week.  Her joy and excitement were overflowing!  So much so, that she first said that she didn’t want to go to any other Camp next Summer, but wanted to come back to Tapawingo for TWO weeks!!!


While listening to all of her experiences, Sienna's enthusiasm was not only coming from her daily routine and fun, but it was coming from the distinction she noticeably experienced in the hearts of the Counselors at Tapawingo. On the evening of Good Friday, 2019, Sienna accepted Jesus as her personal Savior.  She shared with me after her week at Tapawingo, that she dedicated her life again to Jesus.  Since she has returned from her week on the island, she has not missed one night, of reading her Bible.  Her love for God’s Word is zealous!  She, on her own, has read through I and II Samuel, I and II Kings, Esther and is now reading through Numbers.  When she came to Numbers 6:24-26 last night, she began singing the song, “The Blessing” that has that Scripture in the chorus… and a song that the two of us love to sing!  We are also reading through Job together, as a Read-a-Loud.  As a woman who loves Jesus and loves His Word, this is such a joyful experience that I am having right now with my daughter!  She has always enjoyed reading or listening to me read the Bible; the difference now, is that she takes the initiative herself … and goes on her own to her Bible with excitement and joy to open it up!


She is telling her friends about Tapawingo and how awesome a place it is!! 


For all the ways you and your Team encourage the girl’s in their love for Christ … THANK YOU!  

Camper Mom