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CIT Session ONE

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

We couldn’t have asked for a better CIT Session 1 this summer! Our session 1 group was the largest CIT group we have had in Tapawingo history -- 17 girls participated in the CIT program from June 27th through July 24.

Over the course of the four weeks, each of the 17 girls grew spiritually, emotionally, physically, and relationally. For spiritual development, we focused on various spiritual disciplines, such as Bible intake, lament, confession, thanksgiving, prayer, fasting, and more. Through putting these disciplines into practice, the girls learned different ways they can encounter God on a daily basis, deepening their relationship with Him as well as with their surrounding community. As a group, we read through and discussed The Prodigal Prophet - a book by Timothy Keller which explores the biblical account of Jonah and the implications of this prophet’s story on our own lives. The girls discussed the relationship between God’s wrath and mercy, how His grace transforms our hearts, and how encountering God’s grace changes the way we engage with those around us - especially those who are different from us.

During the first and third weeks of CIT Session 1, the girls were able to go backpacking/camping in the high peaks of the Adirondacks. Both emotionally and physically challenged, the girls grew in endurance and perseverance as they pushed themselves to hike some incredible mountains. They did more than they thought they could -- the girls were able to summit 10 or 11 high peaks in total! More than that, each CIT was given the opportunity to lead during an outdoor excursion; this entailed preparing a spiritual emphasis for the day and heading up navigation for the trip. This experience helped them develop their leadership skills, both generally and spiritually.

Because of the size of the group this first session, the girls were divided into 3 smaller groups for high peaks hiking and other activities throughout the week. However, the girls experienced meaningful connections across CIT groups as well as within their smaller groups. They challenged one another, served one another, and made impactful memories with one another.

During the last week of the session, each of the CITs had the opportunity to serve on the island in different capacities -- whether shadowing activity areas, helping in the kitchen, or leading cabin devos. The girls loved the opportunity to connect with campers and grow in servant leadership.

Praise God for the ways He has worked - and will continue to work - in the lives of our Session 1 CITs! Please pray for their continued growth, and pray for the new group of CITs who are here for Session 2.

-Miss Karyn


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