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CIT Update

We just finished up our second peaks trip and it was a blast! This time we enjoyed hiking in the Great Range. We hiked Upper Wolfjaw, Armstrong, and Gothics on Wednesday and summited Saddleback Mountain on Thursday. The girls did a phenomenal job braving the rain on Tuesday and Thursday. Each of the girls took turns being Counselor of the Day for a day of the trip, leading us while we hiked, taking initiative in preparing meals, and leading the devo for that evening. We had some incredible views and also got to enjoy some cool adventures while hiking, like fun bridges, a long staircase over a rockface, and lots of stream crossings. The girls led so well and it was cool to witness them stepping into a leadership role with confidence and love. We are so excited for our last week together and for the opportunity they get to interact with campers and counselors more this week and continue to grow in their leadership skills. We love each of these girls so much and are so grateful for the time we’ve been privileged to spend with them!

-Miss Karis

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