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Week one at Tapawingo

A full day of rain could not dampen the spirits of campers and staff on Friday to close out a fantastic week one at Tapawingo! Our campers welcomed back the CITs from their Hike Peaks trip and TAP Adventure from their week of excursions in the Adirondacks. Tapawingo is a special place for so many, and the joy was palpable throughout the week; whether at meal times in the tent, during event hour or at the friendship circle to close the night.

All week, campers were encouraged to live like Elijah, bold and full of trust in God to direct them. From Power Hour to Vespers, every camper was reminded that the Bible is full of stories of men and women who are just like them working through God’s power not their own. Friday night, our Food Service Assistant, Miss Emilie challenged every camper to memorize one verse a month over this next year. If we all do this, we will have a camp full of women who have planted the Word of God in their hearts and minds all year long.

Throughout the week, 32 badges were achieved, including one counselor! Go Miss Colleen! From Advanced Handcrafts to Basic Drama and more, campers were exposed to a variety of activities while growing in those skills throughout the week.

Our event hour theme this week was Lost in the Jungle! Tuesday night, our counselors took on the identity of an animal in costume and character hiding around the island. Oklahoma and Arapahoe won the event by working together to track down the most counselors!

We praise God for a week of ministry on this special island. We praise Him for campers who told us that they asked Jesus to be their Savior and for others who told us that they re-committed their lives to Him. We believe God is working in the lives of our campers and staff. In anticipation, we cannot wait to hear how they will live in boldness and trust for God to work in their lives throughout the year.

We are praying for another COVID free camp week starting this Sunday! Would you pray with us as we begin again on Sunday?

-Miss Shelby


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