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Welcoming in Week 2 here at Tapawingo!

We are fully embracing survivor mode, well not literally, BUT our theme "Survivor" has been spreading among the cabins! We have the craft cabin in full go-mode from all cabins here on the island excited to decorate their cabins and earn some creative points for cabin clean up for Miss Emilie to judge during our power hour time.

This week started out with some birthday’s (and more to come later this week too!). We celebrated Carly, from Apache, and Lucy, from Oklahoma! We were so happy to celebrate with our Tapawingo birthday song - you’ll have to ask your daughter to share it when they come home!

We cannot wait to see, hear, and experience what else this week has in store for us here at camp! Miss Natalie’s vespers Monday night was about relationships with God and how we are given a new name in Christ. We talked about how we are chosen, brand new, secure, whole, a temple of the Holy Spirit, God’s workmanship, and a friend of God. We were encouraged with John 10, how God is our good Shepherd and we are his sheep. As sheep, we know our Shepherd's voice and He knows his sheep. Miss Natalie challenged us to put in the work and physically open our Bible’s and to not just allow someone else to do the work for us.

We ask for prayers for the rest of this week and pray that the rain comes at night and sunshine during the day.

In Christ,

Miss Racheal


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