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A Letter from a Grandparent

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Dear Tapawingo,

I wanted to let the summer season subside somewhat before I made an attempt to describe what the Tapawingo experience meant to our family and specifically our granddaughter. Our family has been coming to COTW off and on since the early 90’s. This, however, was our granddaughter’s first year. Based on our prior observations, we knew well the reputation Tapawingo had developed, promoted and enjoyed over those years. Naturally we were excited when she made the decision to attend. I think we may have set the bar high when we talked to her about expectations and what she would experience. To be honest, we wanted her to have the opportunity to see for herself what a camp like this could mean to her. I must say that the moment she first arrived on the island, and was greeted by enthusiastic counselors, we knew she was at the right place at the right time. After her week there, when we saw her coming toward us down the dock, we could visibly see that her week had been life changing. We gave you a 13-year old teenager and you gave back to us a young lady who had just met Jesus. Words of thank you seem hollow, especially when we see our granddaughter now.”

- Camper Grandparent


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