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Letter From a Staff Mother

Dear Miss Joy,

I wanted to tell you how EXTREMELY thankful I am for you asking my daughter to stay longer as a counselor last summer. I can't get over how grown up she is and how hungry she is for the Lord. Honestly - She's inspired me to be more faithful in my own quiet times. She has such a peace about her and is getting so much support, prayer, and encouragement from her fellow counselors. I am so grateful for your staff. I know first-hand that working in ministry is not without its challenges, or times of exhaustion. It’s a huge commitment that doesn't account for days off or weekends - but seeing what the work your staff has done in the spiritual lives of my daughters encourages me in my own work in ministry.

I am praying for you and your team - praying that in the midst of the sometimes long days (even seasons), you always feel the inspiration, passion and joy of the Holy Spirit. Praying that when stress or doubt creep in, you are gently reminded that you are making an eternal impact on 1000's of girls and their families - more than you will ever realize this side of heaven. We love you guys!

Have a great season!

-Mom of 2019 Staff Member and Campers


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